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The Breaktime Difference

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About Us

Who We Are

In the social media and mainstream media craziness we live in today, are you looking for a program or podcast that you can push information to your staff? Make their breaktime count by providing your team a library of experts to push the message and motivation you want to build the culture of your company. Breaktime U can do this for you.

Our panel of experts range from world-renowned business consultants to HR leaders, sales experts, fitness trainers and more. From podcasts to on-line training forums, group training to 1:1 coaching, each of our training segments fits in to the short lunch of afternoon breaks you provide to your employees. From 7 minute pointed video messages to multi-chapter on-line training tools, Breaktime U can bring a whole new way to invest in to your employees.

Our Vision

How engaged are your employees?

As an employer, you know this is a key factor in the strength of your company. Training and personal development is a traditional approach to keeping people engaged at work. But typical courses are boring, and something most employees detest. To your workforce, it tends to feel force fed, but in reality you desire to add value to the individual, helping them grow.

Breaktime University was founded to disrupt the traditional approach to employee development.

The content is focused on self improvement, and includes topics ranging from leadership, sales, wellness, and nutrition. Bite sized (5-7 minutes) segments make it easy to consume during breaktime, replacing lengthy out of date videos that don’t seem relevant. The modules offer fresh, inspiring and insightful content on an intuitive platform.

Ready to see how Breaktime University will help you cultivate an engaged and stronger workforce?

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Uninteresting, long form content is what people expect from their employer. Show them you care with a plug and play learning system that enhances their individual wellness and growth.

Turn break time into learning time, and enrich the life of your employees.


Team of Creators



Author | Speaker | Consultant


Author | Speaker | Consultant


Trainor | Nutritionist | Med Student

Are You A Content Creator?

Breaktime University is changing the way companies approach employee training and development. Our platform is utilized by owners, leaders, and managers across companies world wide to enhance the lives of their entire workforce through Breaktime University curated content. From our platform, content creators have exposure to thousands of people looking to improve themselves in areas such as work performance, leadership, sales, wellness and nutrition.


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Patrick McMullan


Meet Patrick McMullan, the mastermind behind Breaktime University - Patrick is an investor, advisor, and board member with a wealth of experience in leading companies and doing extraordinary things. Patrick is a visionary in his field. With his businesses primarily focused on improving the lives of employees, his team has successfully partnered with businesses to create better breakrooms, trainings, recruiting processes, and more. As the founder of Breaktime University, Patrick has revolutionized employee break time by providing a library of experts to motivate and inspire businesses to build a dynamic culture. In addition, through his extensive experience, Patrick partners with businesses to take on skyrocketing growth, dynamic culture change, and long-term succession planning. From crafting better breakrooms, to refining employee training and recruitment processes, Patrick's team and portfolio of businesses can provide the necessary tools for your business to succeed.

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