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The 12 Week Year

An Introduction into The 12 Week Year

Immerse yourself in “The 12 Week Year,” a transformative course presented by New York Times bestselling author and revered business strategist Brian Moran. In these bite-sized modules, you’ll uncover the power of redefining your year into 12-week segments, a concept pioneered by our instructor Brian Moran. This course provides a refreshing departure from traditional annual goals, introducing you to a framework that ensures efficiency, discipline, and improved results through enhanced productivity and personal growth. The modules offer you a step-by-step guide to reshape your view of time, focus on critical tasks, and evaluate your progress, enabling you to achieve what most only dream of in a year, all within 12 weeks.

  • Category Self Improvement
  • Students Enrolled 519
  • Last Updated 06/01/2023


This course offers a groundbreaking approach to productivity and personal growth by condensing annual goals into a 12-week framework. Through step-by-step guidance, it enables enhanced focus, continuous progress assessment, and the potential to achieve significant results in a compressed timeline.

What you'll learn

  • Its All About The Execution
  • The Year Is Now 12 Weeks
  • The Power Of Vision
  • 12 Week Planning
  • Process Control
  • Scorekeeping
  • Effective Time Use
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Greatness In The Moment

Meet Your Breaktime U Faculty Member


Brian Moran

Author | Speaker | Consultant

A New York Times best-selling author, Brian brings his expertise to Breaktime U. As Brian likes to say, get more done in 12 weeks than most people will get done all year. Now an Arizona resident, learn how to change your life and hold yourself accountable and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Through discipline and daily focus, Brian teaches you how to focus on the critical tasks, keep score and get more done in a day than you used to in a week.

Brian’s simple and effective way of organizing your day, week and business life, in a 12 Week view point, will change your results.