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Get Used to Your Paycheck or Change NOW

Change is hard. Often people say “I need to change” or want to change. They will post about it. They cite all of these self help phrases on their social media. Yet, they don’t walk the walk and certainly don’t talk what they are posting.

If you want to make different results in life, it means DISCIPLINE to new actions that produce different results. It means new routines and actions that often scheduled, timers and alarms set to ensure you execute and an honest evaluation of whether or not you truly accomplished what you intended to, versus simply checking off a box and saying “I did it”.

Often, there is little benefit on waiting to do something. It doesn’t mean you change everything at once and it also doesn’t mean you uproot your life. But it does start with admitting “I need some new actions to get different results”.

A few times in my life I was called an asshole or something similar when leading someone and telling them “you’re not doing a thing different” and being blunt saying “get used to enjoying your paycheck”. I was calling someone out for simply going through the motions necessary to be the best version of themselves. If you’re not willing to change, your paycheck, weight, bank account and more will stay on the same path.

Another blog post will come out soon about the timing of everything and when to pull the trigger on certain actions. But doing nothing or the bare minimum ensures “your paycheck doesn’t change”. If you’re on BreaktimeU, give yourself credit for taking the first step. There are many more to come and be ready to take them all so that paycheck (and weight, happiness, bank account and more) change for the better.