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Bite sized learning content that disrupts the traditional approach to employee development.

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Dive into the world of custom-made learning with Breaktime University. If your organization has unique training needs or desires personalized learning experiences, we're on hand to deliver. We cater to private engagements, on-site visits, and even corporate retreats, all designed to provide a unique development journey tailored to your organization. Reach out to us and discover how custom content and experiences can fuel engagement, innovation, and growth.


Changing the Way Companies Approach Employee Training & Development

Breaktime University offers a revolutionary approach to employee development. Our intuitive platform features bite-sized training and coaching content, designed to be consumed in just 5-7 minutes. With a focus on performance, leadership, sales, wellness, and nutrition, we help businesses cultivate a stronger culture and a more engaged workforce.

  • Insightful content
  • Intuitive platform
  • Bite sized segments
  • 50+ Learning Sprints
    (More on the way)

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How Engaged Are Your Employees?

Elevate Workplace Wellness and Growth

Uninteresting, long form content is what people expect from their employer. Show them you care with a plug and play learning system that enhances their individual wellness and growth.

Driving Success with Breaktime University's Platform

Our platform is utilized by owners, leaders, and managers across companies world wide to enhance the lives of their entire workforce through Breaktime University curated content.


Imagine what could happen in 2 weeks if you could enrich the life of your employees. Breaktime University's unique plug and play learning system provides bite-sized training and coaching content for businesses resulting in a stronger, more engaged, workforce.

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Elevating You Through Engaging Content

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Author | Speaker | Consultant


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Breaktime University is changing the way companies approach employee training and development. Our platform is utilized by owners, leaders, and managers across companies world wide to enhance the lives of their entire workforce through Breaktime University curated content. From our platform, content creators have exposure to thousands of people looking to improve themselves in areas such as work performance, leadership, sales, wellness and nutrition.

Revolutionizing Employee Training and Development

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