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Episode 45: BTU Hosts the Future of the Human Experience Podcast with Eric Rodriguez – in English and Spanish

Episode 45 brings a new era for BreaktimeU (BTU), hosting another podcast AND having a podcast in multiple languages. BTU is not only a platform for world class content and guests, it is built to be a platform for podcasts across the globe.

In Episode 45, we debut that new platform by hosting The Future of Human Experience. Eric Rodriguez, a global speaker and human behavior expert, hosts guests who talk about a wide range of subjects all centered around how employees now interact in this new world of post-COVID technology and workplace.

In this episode, Eric hosts Joey Avilas, a trail blazer and a great compliment to Eric’s expertise. They talk about breaking barriers and overcoming the fear many people face in these new times. This episode is both in English and starting at 32:00, in Spanish.