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Patrick McMullan

Read/Listen and Repeat

Years ago I had a very talented individual work for a large division I ran. Despite all of his natural ability, his results stunk monthly. His manager worked with him for nearly six months and kept coming to me saying “he will eventually get it done”. After another month of failed results, I sat in on the team meeting and heard this “expert” of everything talk about his latest “trick” to try and get better. THIS is why this guy isn’t getting it done. He was always looking for the latest trick vs. excelling at mastering what he had already been repeatedly coached to do.

Later that day I met privately with this individual and said “for the next 30 days, you work for me, your cube is being moved right outside my door and there are NO. NEW. TRICKS.” For 30 days I had him focus on 6 things. I had him read a one-pager I made for him on those six basic skills 4x daily. I told him I expected him to memorize that one pager by the end of the 30 days and read it back to me. I was relentless – I set a timer on my phone and walked by his desk every 90 minutes and asked him if he had re-read that one-pager. By day 11 he had it memorized and by day 16 he had already DOUBLED his results from his previous best month ever. By day 30 he was in top 5 of hundreds of other people in his role. I said he could move back to his cube, and he refused. Eventually he was promoted to run a team and still today, while we are long on to different paths in life, he sends me a LinkedIn message periodically telling me he still has that sheet laminated and in his office. It changed his career, and he today is wildly successful. Why?

I read and watch videos frequently. But often the same book or podcast on repeat. I will watch, listen or read the same chapters over and over and over. I engrain something that I know makes me better into my mind. I won’t move on until I literally am molded into a better person. My student now wildly successful friend stopped looking for the next trick. He mastered the way he was taught by others who were already highly successful. That is the way I hope you look at BreaktimeU. I want you to find our bite size podcasts about anything in life, grabs you and makes you look differently on how you spend your breaktime. Is it endlessly scrolling or five minutes of making yourself better….DAILY.

If you take nothing else from our podcast, read, listen and repeat. MASTER what you are taught, then go find the next way to get better.

Be awesome.