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Saying “I’m Busy” Tells Someone Else They Are Not

When we started BreaktimeU, we had a vision to produce learning that was so to the point that you could engage it, eat and get your social media fill all within your breaktime. This blog post is meant to be as blunt as possible and one of the shortest yet important lessons we will teach.

A cardinal sin in my world is when someone tells me “I’ve been busy, sorry I didn’t get back to you”. I interpret that as “I am busy and you’re not”. Rest assured, I am plenty busy. And no, I am not perfect on promptly responding to all. Yet, I am honest in when I do respond. Read on…..

David Nour talks repeatedly about keeping the trust you have earned with someone. Telling me you’re too busy to respond is one of the fastest ways to get on the south side of a northbound success train.

A cornerstone of BreaktimeU is showing you the path of working successfully with others. This is a cornerstone of something I can’t say enough to people looking to grow their success. NEVER tell someone “I am busy”.

One of the most critical skills I believe in life is your ability to think on your feet. In a world that moves so fast and information so readily available, the skill of saying “that is a great question, let me think about that for a second” is an art found in so few.

Take the time to answer a question. Set an alarm or calendar reminder to respond to folks. Be honest. If you’re slow to respond, say it. Ask for understanding. And, if you’re slow to respond, ask yourself “is this a priority”. And if it is not, either say “it wasn’t my priority last week but is now” or maybe just as important, delegate it, de-prioritize it or kill it all together.

Bottom line don’t lose trust or momentum with a statement that so many people use when often, so few people truly are.

Keep being awesome.