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Hold Yourself Capable

The Opposites

If I was ever to write a book, something I have started and stopped many times dating back years, I would call it The Opposites. On the BreaktimeU podcast, there are many close friends of mine who have execution steps and life plans that will make you wildly successful. My advice would be ensuring people learn when they are going the opposite direction, something easy to see yet hard to admit. We are capable of so much yet we fail to recognize when we are so easily off in the opposite direction of success.

This seems simple, right? It is but it is not. Let’s break it down to the simplest of examples. Annually, the #1 resolution at the beginning of the year is to lose weight. By the 13th day of the year, over 70% of these resolutions are dead. Why? Individuals don’t recognize the true trigger of why they are not in shape, over-eating, etc….. the true OPPOSITE of their desire outcome. As my good friend Brian Moran says….hold yourself capable. Recognize the cause of your opposite behavior and stop it. Let me give you an example.

When there is a car accident, investigators look for why it happens, not the aftereffects. You need to find the true cause of your actions and hit them head on. BreaktimeU was started to give you a simple action to do daily – make better use of your breaktime than mindlessly scrolling through your phone. Sure, you can still do that. But, if you take 5-10 minutes of your break enriching your mind with useful learning, you are doing the opposite of what is now known as the biggest time waster in the creation of humanity, endless social media.

The average smart phone user is on their phone north of 6 hours daily. Six hours. Imagine for the next 30 days you take 10 minutes of your break time and put it to use making yourself better. 30 days, 10 minutes. What will be the results? I bet it will be in the opposite direction of what you are doing now on areas you want to make yourself better. No different, if you can’t resist that urge to scroll, the opposite behavior of this is DELETE the apps off of there. It sounds drastic but if you want dramatic results, you need to make bold and dramatic changes.

Find the cause of your behaviors that are opposite of your desired outcomes. Get rid of them and get on to winning at life. Hold yourself capable.