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The Ultimate Few, Time Blocking and Saying No

I have seen several posts on social media in the last few months that include video footage of “what high school was like in the 80’s”. Being a 1988 graduate, they make you smile thinking back to great days with great people. Life was simpler then. I also imagine that people GAMSD back then – Got a LOT More Stuff Done! Why? Less distractions.

In my professional life I have often said, find me someone who guards and prioritizes their time and you will find the most successful person. I despise the phrase “I am busy” and “I have so much going on”. When you ask someone a question and this is the response you get, it also infers “you’re not busy”. Nonsense.

With the smart phone – social media – text messaging – TikTok world we live in, the endless distractions all day long to GSD (Getting Stuff Done) erode execution daily. BreaktimeU was born on the premise that our ever-eroding attention span is incapable of having the ability nor environment to focus or learn something if the message lasts longer than 4-5 minutes. My message today: Learn your ultimate few actions critical to your success and say no to everything else.

So….how can you get stuff done like they did in the 80’s? Sit down and determine what MUST get done daily for you to be the most successful. Not what would be nice to get done or “I want my to-do list finished”. I mean what MUST get done daily to ensure you are always successful? Then, schedule it, block your time, and guard it with your life. If you’re the leader in your company or department, do the same for every role. Spend 30 days relentlessly managing THIS as one of your ultimate few and watch your results soar.

Let me give you an example: If you are a salesperson, getting a new client is not one of the ultimate few things. Dialing the phone and making a connection is. The new client is the outcome – the time spent making the connection whether by phone on in person, is the action you MUST do. If you’re a marketing agency, it is posting the message that people engage, not simply making a post. If you’re a production worker, it may be ensuring you turn your phone off at 8pm so that you get to sleep by nine so that you’re 100% rested so you can be ready for the physical demands of your day. Schedule that time for these critical actions and GSD.

The most successful people determine those 2-3 critical actions, know them and come hell or high water, they do them. They block out the noise and go back to the 80’s and ignore the texts, temptation for social media and wasting hours of their life watching Reels (which are funny but are a time VACUUM). Learn to say NO. When you say yes to those items, endless interruptions to your day by people who don’t know or focus on their ultimate few tasks and simply being undisciplined, you are saying NO to yourself.

Go back to the 80’s, simplify your life and GSD!