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Patrick McMullan

Why BreaktimeU? A 5 second decision to make yourself better – you decide.

As the former leader of a rather large tech company, it was a necessary requirement of our cyber-insurance policy that each employee pass a series of tests on cyber-security. While certainly a worthwhile topic organized by our top-notch CISO, the training was comical. Cartoon characters and 45 minute long sessions became an act of shaking your mouse every few minutes as you aggressively worked on everything else other than paying attention to the clown show of training you on protecting your franchise. It was there I said “there has to be a better way”. With the average attention span shrinking by the day in this mobile and data driven world, yet the need for learning never more important, I said “make a difference and change this”. It took a few years and here I am.

BreaktimeU isn’t going to change the world, micro-learning isn’t new, and podcasts certainly aren’t a new thing, everyone has one. But where BTU is different is this: we give you an incentive to learn, an instant reward in some format for taking a few minutes away from your phone scrolling the social media world on break to make yourself better. Whether it be an entry to win something, win free product or something else, we make you want to do something other than adding to your social media usage for the day.

BTU has something for everyone. You want to buy a new home? We help you. Want to improve your income? We help you. Want to execute your goals better? We help you. Communicate better? Eat better? Exercise more? Take better care of your car? Work with your boss better? Understand your medical benefits better? Remove fear from visiting the dentist? In bite size podcast segments, we do that. And, if you love the content, you can subscribe to become a premium listener and have exclusive access to not only the content, but the faculty member themselves. The choice is yours. Realize this…the difference between any form of success of anything in life lies in about 2 minutes of decisions people make daily. Decide on your next break to better yourself. Instead of spending 30 minutes keeping up with the Jones, become the Jones and invest in yourself.

No, we won’t change the world, but we can help change your trajectory of life, taking you from the obligated tasks of your daily job to your aspiration in a matter of minutes for only a few minutes. If you do that EVERY day for the next two weeks, where will you be? The next 30 days? How about a year? It all can start when you walk in the breakroom and you decide to listen in vs. scrolling for that latest keeping up with the Jones post. Start today.